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Second Edition : published 2015
ISBN 978 1 4520 6603 5
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Cover, the principles and art of para-medical skin camouflage

Adapted from Joyce Allsworth’s original text by Elizabeth Allen, principal tutor for the British Association of Skin Camouflage. A comprehensive instruction manual designed to meet the requirements for NVQ students and qualified medical-therapy professionals who wish to increase their expertise and provide this specialist service. Second Edition : published 2015

Expert Reader’s Comments:

"This book belongs on the bookshelf of every aspiring and accomplished skin camouflage practitioner and every beauty therapist who carries out even the smallest amount of camouflage work."

Angela Bartlett BABTAC & CIBTAC Chair (2009-2011)

"The use of skin camouflage methods of therapy for those with disfiguring conditions offers remarkable benefits to holistic patient care. This book is a comprehensive, yet readable, guide for all involved in such care. It certainly should be in every library of those caring for the disfigured."

Tim Goodacre MSc   MB   BS   FRCS
Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford
and Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford

"I always welcome texts that help dermatology patients cope with the challenges of their condition and I feel that this book is a great addition to the current self-help literature in the field."

Dr Linda Papadopoulos CPsychol  CSci   AFBPsS
Reader in Psychology at Metropolitan London University
(specific research interest in the field of psychodermatology)

"Changing Faces knows that many people who look 'different' find great value in effectively applied skin camouflage – and I am delighted to see that skin camouflage practitioners now have this most authoritative guide to enable them to help their clients."

James Partridge OBE  DSc(Hon)   FDSRCSEd(Hon)
Chief Executive, Changing Faces

"This book provides a comprehensive review of the principles and practices of skin camouflage. It is full of useful information and tips to guide practitioners. It will provide a valuable resource to all involved in skin camouflage."

Prof. Andrew Wright M.Med.Sci(Hons.)   LRCP   MRCS   MBCHB   FRCP
Consultant Dermatologist


BASC is very grateful for the generous sponsorship from the Vocational Traiing Charitable Trust in producing the first edition of our handbook; the VTCT had no editioral control over its content.



BASC journal - the Cover

The Cover, BASC's professional journal, is issued free of charge three times a year to Members, Patient Support Groups, Hospital Wards and Specialist Clinics. This allows everyone to be kept well informed of current issues, events and product changes.

The Cover also helps to raise public and professional awareness.

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British Association of Skin Camouflage - Face the world with confidence

This 6-fold leaflet (2021) gives information on application, the benefits of skin camouflage and the important role of the BASC in skin camouflage training and service provision. Available free of charge (P&P applicable) for people’s information at hospitals, clinics, colleges, chemists. This leaflet is approved by the Information Standard and Plain English Campaign Crystal Clarity Mark 21563 and Plain English Campaign Honest Mark 181. Review due 2021. BASC is grateful to the British Association of Dermatologists for their generous donation towards Plain English Campaign approval and accreditation costs.

The British Association of Dermatologists sponsored the printing of the previous 3-fold information leaflet (2010) but they had no editorial control over its content.


The British Association of Dermatologists - Acne Support

The British Assocation of Dermatologits launched (July 2018) a new online resource to provide advice and support - - BASC were invited to contribute and record information on camouflage used over acne.

British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) Patient Information Leaflet - Skin Camouflage

This leaflet has been produced by BASC for BAD (2011 and reviewed 2014) to help you understand more about skin camouflage – what products are available, what can be achieved with them and where you can find out more about them.


BASC announce the publication of:

The Scar Book, Formation, Mitigation, Rehabilition and Prevention

Andrew C Krakowski, MD and Peter R Shumaker, MD

Chapter 20 : Skin Camouflage written by BASC

Published by Wolters Kluwer (2017)
ISBN-13 9781-4963-2238-8 and ISBN-10 1-4963-2238X

Scarring and fibrosis affect millions of people worldwide, and can be devastating both physically and psychologically, whether they result from major trauma such as burns or common conditions such as acne. Put today's most advanced clinical approaches to work for your patients with The Scar Book : Formation, Mitigation, Rehabilitation, and Prevention! A multidisciplinary team of leading world experts presents the state of the art in scar pathophysiology and treatment, breaking down the barriers between medical disciplines to provide unprecedented holistic guidance.



BASC in the Media



Publication Issue / Web Link Article Print / Release Date
Warpaint Magazine

November 2018

Please Don't Call It Makeup! ( online publication )

November 2018

Today's Pharmacist

Autumn/Winter 2017

Please Don't Call It Makeup! ( pages 47 - 48 )

September 2017

Dermatological Nursing

Volume 14 Issue 3

Patient Survey, Products Available To Camouflage Hands (PATCH) on the efficacy of camouflage for the hands

September 2015

Dermatalogical Nursing

Volume 14 No 1

Skin camouflage can help restore young people's self confidence
( pages 18 - 23 )

March 2015

MIMS Dermatology

Volume 11 No 1

Therapeutic Forum - Camouflage for Skin Conditions ( pages 22 - 23 )


International Therapist (FHT)

Issue 111

"Skin Deep" skin camouflage over scarring

Winter 2015

Talk Health online in collaboration with NHS Choices

TalkHealth Skin

Online questions answered by our panel of experts

17th - 23rd September 2014

The Consulting Room

Edition 128

Food For Thought, campaign for better understanding and regulation of UV tanning

January 2014

British Association of Dermatologists

Volume 16 No 4

A4 page insert, Facing the world, with confidence

June 2013

Let's Face It

No 84

30 year Anniversary Edition - the British Association of Skin Camouflage

Winter 2013

Skin ‘n' Bones connection

Issue 37

Skin Camouflage Applications


International Therapist

Issue 106

Skin Camouflage for the Deceased (pages 24 -26 )

October 2013

The Guardian

Supplement Media Planet Psoriasis Day

A simple solution to a complex problem, camouflage and psoriasis

October 2012

International Therapist

Issue 101

Special Anniversary Edition (50 years) “through the decades” brief history of skin camouflage

July 2012

Vitiligo Society

Patients' Information Leaflet (download booklet)

Skin Camouflage

Published online 2012

Lupus UK

Issue 96

The Role of Skin Camouflage in Patients' Well Being

Spring 2012

Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance

website page

Skin Camouflage – a simple aid to a complex problem

February 2012

Embarrassing Bodies

Channel 4 TV

Skin camouflage applications

BASC have been involved with several programmes since the broadcasts began

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NOTE: all media articles written prior to June 2002 are archived.


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