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RESEARCH : Efficacy - Benefits of wearing skin camouflage

Cosmetic camouflage improves quality of life among patients with skin disfigurement: A systematic review.

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Makeup can improve life for children with skin diseases.

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Medical skin camouflage: A recovery intervention for female prisoners who self-harm?

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Emotional benefit of cosmetic camouflage in the treatment of facial skin conditions: Personal experience and review

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Practice Pointer: Skin Camouflage (and patient’s journey)

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Skin camouflage can play an important part in improving wellbeing for patients with permanent or chronic skin problems

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Medical makeup for concealing facial scars

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Cosmetic camouflage

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Make-up improves the quality of life of acne patients without aggravating acne eruptions during treatments

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Camouflage therapy

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It is impossible to list all relevant research.
The above have been recommended to BASC by its members and its Trustees.
Most Patient Support Groups have research dedicated to their members' specific skin condition to discuss paediatric or adult issues.
Some of the above may now be out of print, others may be available via University Library sources.
Do please advise BASC of any published research you consider should be included.



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