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Vitiligo, left hand with camouflage applied © BASC member 2160.
Mesh graft. Camouflage cannot alter the structure of the skin.
Vascular malformation and atrophic scarring following surgery © BASC member 1022.
Keloid scarring © BASC member 1022.
Scarring from burn injury © BASC member 1022.
Hyperpigmented skin lesion ©​ BASC Member 1022.
Erythematous skin lesion.
Hypo-pigmentation: Skin camouflage also used to create beard shadow.
Tattoo. Note: Radiographer’s markings can also be camouflaged.
Port-wine. Make-up can be worn over set camouflage.
Scars resulting from self harm © BASC member 2303.
Road traffic accident: Hypo-pigmented scarring is flat to surrounding skin.
Hypertrophic scars following surgery.
Vitiligo, left hand with camouflage applied © BASC member 2160.
Vitiligo, left hand with camouflage applied © BASC member 2160.


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