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Skin camouflage products are designed to mimic and blend in with the natural skin colour. However, the structure of the skin will remain unchanged.

There is a vast array of pre-mixed coloured crèmes and complementary colours available. A complementary colour is sometimes needed as an undercoat to conceal hyperpigmentation or a tattoo before the natural skin matching colour is applied. BASC do not recommend mixing more than two colours together to achieve an acceptable skin match. The camouflage crème requires setting with loose powder - the range of coloured and colourless powders varies from brand to brand.

There is a difference in crème texture, slip, durability and sun protection factor between the brands. This means one product may be better than another for a certain type of skin condition and also be preferred for the person’s lifestyle.

Skin camouflage products differ from corrective beauty aids in that;

  • the crèmes are specifically formulated to give light to total covering power, yet only require a thin application
  • the camouflage becomes resistant to water and is smudge proof, which means a return to sporting activities, such as swimming, without the fear of the camouflage washing off
  • the camouflage has a potential durability-stability time of between 8 and 16 hours before the need to “touch up” or reapply
  • the products contain sun protection properties
  • additional sun protection can be applied under and over the camouflage crème
  • topical medication can be applied prior to camouflage application
  • decorative cosmetics (make-up) can be applied over the set camouflage crème


No skin camouflage should be considered totally rub proof and there may be some transfer of product onto clothing, bed linen, etc. Any soiling can be removed by the textile manufacturer’s suggested cleaning method.


Camouflage is removed by soap and water, or by using a soap substitute, or by using cosmetic remover wipes. Camouflage should not be considered 100% rub-proof, but any minor transfer of product to textiles is easily removed with normal laundry products.


We are unaware of any confirmed allergy to products used, but there is always the potential for someone to experience an unexpected allergic reaction to an ingredient. Should this occur we recommend discontinuing use until a clinical patch test identifies the cause; brands differ in their ingredients.

We recommend you remove your camouflage on a daily basis, this will allow you to apply further topical medication and emollients. It will also give you the opportunity to inspect your skin for any changes which may require medical attention.

Camouflage can be applied over hyper-pigmentation (where the skin is darker than the surrounding), over hypo-pigmentation (loss of skin colour) and to erythematic conditions (skin is red) but should NOT be used over undiagnosed skin conditions, including a rash; an open wound;  surgical stitches and over infections. You should discontinue use and seek medical opinion if you notice a change to your skin condition, including moles.

BASC have not received any reports that para-medical skin camouflage products available on NHS prescription encourage comedones (spots) or adversely affect any non-infectious dermatosis (skin conditions) or scar tissue. But, as with all products, if there is a suspected allergic reaction the product must be removed and the affected area thoroughly cleansed. A clinical test patch will confirm the allergen.


The BASC would like to give assurance that all Cleaning Products and Skin Camouflage Products used by The BASC and issued to Graduates during training do NOT contain METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE (MI).


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