Problems with your NHS prescription?

The computer says "No".

We have received numerous comments and complaints, nationally from both NHS hospital and private practice members, that people are experiencing difficulty when the healthcare advisor attempts to create an electronic version. A probable explanation is that there are various software programmes in use to create prescriptions electronically, and no single programme lists everything available on the current Drug Tariff, MIMS, etc. The solution is to hand-write the prescription, or add the product to the software.


The Pharmacist says "which colour?"

We receive numerous queries from pharmacists and NHS personnel that only two colours are listed against a brand name. Please refer to the above answer regarding this question, or double check against the GB Distributor’s website (direct link on products page).


The electronic prescription does not give a column for the colour code.

The solution is to always list the brand in the main text column but place the colour code (or colour name) and quantity in the “dosage” column as that accepts the colour code and quantity.


My healthcare professional says camouflage is "...only for scars, portwine stains and vitiligo".

Products marked as ABCS (Approved By the Committee on Borderline Substances) includes such items as sunscreens, emollients, nutritional aids, etc., as well as skin camouflage. Borderline Substances are available on prescription at doctor’s discretion. However, because there is no national (or even local) agreement of opinion, some medical professionals interpret the “indications” to be the finite guide and only prescribe for those mentioned as such in MIMS.

The Drug Tariff does not mention scarring or name any dermatosis, which suggests that there is no restriction, other than known contra-indications.


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