· BASC Membership

BASC aims to keep its members informed of developments and changes within its remit, usually via its journal (the Cover) and social media. 

Associate Membership
At the discretion of the BASC Trustees, Associate Membership is open to any person, company, health authority, education establishment and organisation in the UK only interested in the subject of skin camouflage. Members will receive a free copy of our journal The Cover, which is distributed three times a year and be kept informed of developments within skin camouflage through our social media platforms. You may use the term “Associate Member” on your stationery and website, but you may not give the impression that you are a graduate member, or that you have been trained by BASC.
Current subscription £15 is due on 6th April for each fiscal year.

Graduate Membership & Specialist Membership
Open only to those who have successfully completed our relevant training. You will receive a free copy of our Cover journal and be entitled to attend events to increase core skills. Other concessions and discounts are as discussed during training. Current subscription is £25 each fiscal year.

For all application forms please send an e-mail to  membership@skin-camouflage.net