· Skin Camouflage Application Techniques to Post Mortem Skin

This specialist diploma course is designed for professionals to immediately implement skin camouflage applications in their place of work, for those who teach this service.

All applicants will be subject to a strict acceptance criteria.  It is only available to pathology technicians, hospital morticians, embalmers and funeral director’s employees; and to those who  teach those subjects.

The 1-day course provides a wide-ranging programme that is acknowledged as being unique it its complete approach, assessment criteria, practical workshops, standards of tutorial sessions and guest speakers.


the course content includes,

  • psychological aspects when working with the bereaved in regard to skin camouflage application
  • understanding if the deceased is suitable or contra indicated for skin camouflage
  • understanding changes to post mortem skin
  • understanding colour and the colours in post mortem skin (including lividity)
  • appreciation of how we see colour and why it is necessary to work to viewing lighting conditions
  • understanding differences within various products available
  • mixing and matching the products to mimic natural skin colour
  • application techniques
  • application of natural faults and beard shadow
  • replacing eyelash, eyebrow and lips
  • how to maintain skin camouflage given various temperature environments
  • counteracting skin slip
  • appreciation and application of what can be used under and over the skin camouflage
  • Health and Safety requirements
  • legalities and promoting your additional service


workshops include,

  • skin-colour match to your own skin
  • skin-colour match to your peers’ skin
  • successful camouflage to various specimens (please note these may be dismembered body parts)


full PPE is provided for the afternoon workshop held in the mortuary

Each trainee receives

✓ a comprehensive camouflage samples kit containing colours suitable for purpose
✓ applicators and other items we consider useful for camouflage
✓ a copy of our Post Mortem Skin Products Information Manual
✓ hand-out information in support of all sessions

Attendance does not automatically mean pass, assessment is written, oral and visual.  Upon successful completion trainees are presented with their prestigious BASC Specialist Diploma, which is accepted for indemnity purposes by insurance agencies (usually at no additional premium cost) and be eligible for 8 CPD credits from the AAPT.

Places are limited to allow for individual instruction and quality workshops.  The closing date for this event is one calendar month before the course starts.  We strongly advise booking early as places are quickly taken; we cannot guarantee to accept applications that are received within 30 days of the course starting.


further information and booking form available from



we have a duty to safeguard all participants, our training is very tactile,
due to the Covid-19 virus, all our courses are postponed
please contact for our 2022 programme venue Liverpool


Due to the C-19 pandemic BASC suspended all training events scheduled during 2020. The indications mid 2020 suggested “normality” from May 2021 – however, the virus mutations since December 2020 imply that the social distancing is unlikely to be removed for some months yet.

The course is very tactile and our Trustees acknowledge we have a duty of care to ensure all participants (attendees, the patients who come along as models, the hotel staff and the BASC team) are safeguarded. It also requires all travel restrictions to be lifted, and that might include isolation for those who may travel from abroad.

We are concerned, but aware, that this does mean postponing to Spring 2022.