Non-infectious skin conditions and scarring are the result of many causes, including hereditary and congenital (present from birth) skin conditions and scarring from accidents, violence, disease and surgery.

Skin conditions can be devastating and equally damaging to women, men and children, irrespective of their religion and ethnicity.  Our main objective is to help people by the simple application of specialised skin camouflage products to overcome their complex problems.

“Without using skin camouflage to face (rosacea) and occasionally to backs of
hands (psoriasis) I would be frequently asked what my medical conditions are.
I do not think it is reasonable to be questioned on my medical history by a complete
stranger in the middle of Tesco’s – but the public feel it is perfectly okay to do so!”

The psychological and social impact of skin disease on people’s lives, a report of the APPGS London : 2013 pg. 14 : evidence submitted


The psychological benefit to someone taught how to successfully apply,
manage and remove their skin camouflage cannot be overestimated.

We teach the principles and skills professionals need to carry out
skin camouflage consultations in their place of work.
Our trainees receive a comprehensive camouflage samples kit
from the brands currently available on NHS prescription and over the counter.