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It is impossible to undertake any skin camouflage consultation via social media platforms, including zoom.

It is impossible to gauge the colour of skin, skin conditions and camouflage products via social media platforms, including zoom.


Can I buy skin camouflage crèmes from you?

no, we remain an independent, not for profit Charity that is not affiliated to any industry, company, organisation or authority.  We do not endorse or sell products; we consider that such action allows us to work in a non-biased way which is free from another’s influence or agenda


Can I buy it over the internet?

yes, but you will first need to achieve an acceptable skin match otherwise you will not know which colour code to order


Is camouflage available outside the UK?

yes, many of the brands are available within the EU countries and globally, log on to their website for international availability


My friends say it’s make-up for women only!  

your friends are wrong, skin camouflage is available for men, women and children, of all ages, regardless of ethnicity or religion


What difference is there between brands?

yes, there are variances.  Some are softer than others; some are more liquid; some give denser coverage; some slip more easily over scarring and some last longer in humidity than others.  During your consultation your BASC adviser will discuss which brand best suits your skin condition and lifestyle


Is it expensive?

the brands currently available on NHS prescription are not expensive to buy when measured against how little product is required to cover a large area.   There is a variety of sizes available and, as with all products, a variation in price from one brand to another.  Your BASC adviser will discuss with you the cost implications and how to obtain  the products during your consultation


Where can I buy?

you can order products via your pharmacy counter, by telephone, email,  letter or directly via the official internet site of the UK distributor (just log on to the brand name)


Can I do the skin match myself?

Yes, but as you will need to buy in sample kits, it is much easier to see a BASC trained consultant who will advise you on all aspects of skin camouflage and create an acceptable skin match with you


How much does a skin camouflage consultation cost?

BASC graduates work within the NHS and in private practice.
Currently those within the NHS provide a free service but your medical advisor will need to refer you to the camouflage clinic.
Those working in private practice have diverse overheads; BASC suggest during its training that a graduate’s consultation fee should be similar to other community services, such as chiropodist, dental hygienist, etc.
Some graduates work within clinics (and high street salons) which dictate the consultation fee.
Others working in private practice do not charge but suggest a donation be given to a charity.
BASC recommend you enquire before booking an appointment (note, a fee may apply if you do not attend a consultation in the private sector)


Will my doctor automatically prescribe it?

No, skin camouflage is not automatically prescribed.  The brands of skin camouflage listed as Approved By the Committee on Borderline Substances (ACBS) mean they are available, at doctor’s discretion, on prescription (Form FP10) in line with local funding agreements


Is it ok to cover a mole?

no, we do not recommend you cover any mole, or any patch of skin that appears different to normal.  We recommend you make an appointment to see your GP for medical diagnosis and permission to apply camouflage over it


Is it visible – does it look like make-up?

usually only a single thin layer of crème camouflage set with loose powder is required, which when correctly applied should not be obvious to others (but at close scrutiny it might be obvious to others).  As the wearer, you will be more conscious of where the camouflage is on your skin than others will


Some brands have a selection of mix to match colours – are these any good?

yes, but it can be time consuming to do this mixing on a daily basis; BASC would not recommend you mix more than two colours together to achieve an acceptable skin match


Why would I need to mix colours together?

this is necessary when your skin changes colour, which can be due to on-going medical procedures or a natural change in your skin colour (for example, skin exposed to sun will be darker than skin covered by clothing)


What if I get a tan while on holiday?

you can slowly add a darker camouflage crème  to your “winter” skin coloured one, so the camouflaged area “tans” in line with your natural skin


Can I apply sun protection over it?

Although the camouflage crèmes have a degree of sun protection included, this is not sufficient to give several hours’ protection.  We recommend you apply sun protection under the camouflage.


Can I wear makeup too?

yes, your normal decorative cosmetics can be worn over set skin camouflage, just be careful not to dislodge the camouflage when you apply the makeup


Can I put my ointment over it?

no, because your ointment needs to go directly over the skin condition; but you can apply the ointment, wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb it and then apply your camouflage


Can I apply silicone gel over it?

no, for the same reason as ointment, but you can apply skin camouflage over the silicone gel (note, it is not recommended to apply camouflage over the silicone sheets because it doesn’t adhere well and looks messy)


Can I sleep in it?

yes, although it is recommended that the camouflage be removed daily for hygiene reasons, but see below


Does it rub off?

no product should be considered fully rub-proof as all will transfer to the inside of clothing or to textiles (such as bed linen).  Soiling is removed by normal laundry processes


Is it waterproof?

the camouflage products which are oil-wax based will naturally repel water.  When wet, pat (not rub) the area dry, or allow the skin to air dry naturally (note the heat from a hand-drier may dislodge the camouflage)


Can I go swimming?

yes, the camouflage should not float off and your skin will probably dry naturally by the time you get from the pool to your lounger


Do products deteriorate?

all products have a shelf life and camouflage is not an exception to that rule.  The packaging will give a “use before” date or a “Product After Opening” expiry date  (such as PAO 18m,  which means the product has a shelf life of 18 months once opened).  These dates apply when the product is used and stored correctly


How should I store it?

always replace the lid immediately after use, store in your bathroom cupboard or dressing-table drawer


Are the tattoo cover kits any good?

the camouflage should give good coverage, however the kit might be limited in skin matching colours.  It is always better to see a BASC graduate to discuss tattoo cover because they will be able to create a suitable complementary colour  and the skin match that is acceptable to you


What is a complementary colour?

this is a specific colour (based on the colour cone theory) which will block out hyperpigmentation and the vivid colours and black in a tattoo.   It helps to prevent these colours showing through the skin-matching colour. The complementary is applied before the skin-matching colour


Is just one complementary colour needed?

yes, it would be impossible to redraw the tattoo using every complementary colour applicable


Is green usually used as the complementary?

rarely, the complementary to red (based on the colour cone theory) indicates green, but all you achieve is a green patch of skin instead of red – it then can be difficult to apply skin colour match over green.

the most frequently used complementary colours are available on a handy mini-wheel – this is suitable for skin camouflage practitioners to use, but can be used by a person wishing to achieve the camouflage without assistance


Will I get camouflage for my tattoo on the NHS

probably not, unless it is a Radiographer’s mark or due to exceptional circumstances, such as where a burn or scar injury goes through the tattoo