· How do I find out more about my Skin Condition

Most Patient Support Groups have information dedicated to their members’ specific skin condition which usually includes paediatric, youth or adult issues.

Due to the C-19 pandemic skin camouflage practitioners have suspended their clinic consultations. It is impossible to achieve a skin matching service by zoom or other social media platforms. It is anticipated that clinics will not resume until their Risk Assessment Department agrees that safeguarding protocols are in place. We are unable to offer any advice as to which BASC Graduates within the NHS or freelance have restarted their skin camouflage service.

We strongly advise that you always consult the Patient Support Group (PSG) that specialises in your skin condition or scarring because some internet and social media sites may be promoting a product or not give unbiased information.  Feedback from the British Dermatological Nursing Group and the British Association of Dermatologists’ annual conferences (2019) acknowledged that professionals originally told people to make contact with the relevant PSG for their skin condition  but have recently relied upon people using social media for additional information; it is now realised that there is a need to swing back to the original and get people in touch with the PSG’s.


The British Association of Dermatologists’ website has a comprehensive list
of Patient Support Groups.
They also have excellent Patient Information Leaflets to download,
including one on skin camouflage.